Build your hands-on skills in

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Earn no-charge opportunity to bag IBM Skills Build Digital Credentials, Enterprise Software, Cloud access online learning resources. Leveraging this you can participate in live, instructor-led hands-on skilling sessions. You will also have an opportunity to avail a 2-months virtual internship opportunity by Henotic Technology, with hands on experience on Realtime projects. These courses help the current B.Tech students to embark on a learning journey with strong foundation.

Step 2: Access the IBM Skills Build Portal

This opportunity comes with access to a no-cost enterprise software, cloud services, online learning materials, digital badges, live online instructor-led practical learning sessions, and real-time industry project internships. This empowers you to take full advantage of the readily available resources in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Please sign up to the IBM Skills Build portal once you receive your Henotic domain email ID and password from Henotic Technology.

Step 3: IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments. Build with a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools, and draw on deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.

Step 4: Getting Started with Enterprise-Grade AI

This course delivers the fundamental aspects of AI tailored to actual needs in real time. At a high level it covers: Evolution of AI, Industry Trends in AI Adoption, Natural Language Processing, and Virtual Agents. You will get access to the all of the course content on successful completion of step-2.

Step 5: Getting Started with Enterprise Data Science

This course offers a strong introduction to the fundamental principles of Data Science. It covers essential topics such as Data Science Team Roles, Tools for Data Analysis, and practical, real-world instances illustrating the application of Data Science methodologies. You will get access to the all of the course content on successful completion of step-2.

Step 6: Live Online Hands on Learning Sessions

These dynamic live online practical learning sessions are designed for the students who have successfully earned IBM digital badges in AI and Data Science. These sessions are dedicated to immersive, real-time learning experiences that emphasize the practical application of concepts and methodologies.

Step 7: Two-Months Virtual Internships

These virtual internships are exclusively available to the students who have earned IBM digital badges in AI and Data Science and have participated in the hands-on learning sessions within these domains. This comprehensive two-month virtual internship program, facilitated by Henotic Technology, offers engagement with real-time industry projects. The internship spans over 8 weeks, with two sessions per week, each lasting 2 hours, summing up to a total of 16 sessions.

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